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Grigol Robakidze University

Why should you choose Grigol Robakidze University?

It’s enough to mention even several facts: 

  • According to the research of the UNESCO International Institute of Education Management, Grigol Robakidze University is among the top five higher educational institutions of Georgia in terms of the employment of students.
  • It is significant that not only graduates, but also students easily meet the demands of the labour market. If we follow the statistics, we’ll see that over 30 % of upper level (year) students are already employed. Moreover, in the inner contest of companies they show better results than other candidates. To prove this idea, we’d like to mention III level student of Business Organization and Management programme Bakar Verulashvili who won I rating place in the contest held by the Bank of Georgia where 150 other candidates participated. He immediately started to work there. And this is not the only case.
  • Georgian Government discussed the issue about the results of the certifying exams passed by medical students. The meeting confirmed that the graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of Grigol Robakidze University won the first rating place according to the level of knowledge and the number of received state certificates. It’s also noteworthy that the first 98 and 99 points were fixed among the graduates of our University.


What is the base for achieving such results?

  1. a)The newest teaching technologies – case methods, master classes, modeling methods, the system of working on projects, discussion methods, interactive and presentation methods of delivering lectures, etc.
  2. b) High-qualified professors. The great majority of them are well-aware of modern teaching methods what is proved by certificates issued by local and international centres of professional development.
  3. c) Universal modern material-technical resources:


  •  Criminalistics Laboratory Centre – equipped with the newest technique, among them FBI apparatus. This laboratory is unique in Georgia. Students from other prestigious higher education institutions also come to study here.
  • TV Studio – established in 1998. It is also equipped with the newest technique. On its base was established the Creative TV Studio which is still unique in Georgia. Over 50 programmes, films and productions of other genre were prepared in this Studio during 10 years. Some of them are laureates of different festivals. In the creative TV Studio students master various professions – auto journalist, TV producer, auto reporter.
  • Linguistics Centre where students of the English Language and Literature programme work independently to develop linguistic skills.
  • Computer Centre where student of the School of Business and Management, unlike the students from other schools, master special programmes to accomplish banking, accounting and managerial operations.
  • Simulation Training Laboratory Centre for dental students which was established in 1997 and is still unique in Georgia. In this Centre students master the skills necessary for dentists on phantoms i.e. dolls. They will develop these skills in the University Dentistry Clinic while working on patients. The clinic is situated on the first floor and occupies 500 square meters.


The School of Medicine also has other laboratories, laboratories of chemistry, biophysics, histology, anatomic museum, preparation-experimental suite.

  • Comfortable library with over 20 000 books and digital units, equipped with the computer park and other audio-visual technique.
  • The University is distinguished for high level academic programmes which are compiled together with European partners and are recognized by them. International programmes give additional opportunity to become competitive on local and international market.

What do international programmes imply?

The University is implementing several types of international programmes:

  1. Georgian-British-Hungarian programme in Business Administration
  2. German program in Business Organization and Management


Maximum of ability from every student, maximum of the University support to every student

It’s the University’s priority to make high quality education available to every talented, purposeful and diligent student. Consequently, the University unprecedentedly reduced tuition on each programme.

For the purpose of encouragement

  • The University implemented the project grant+grant for the first time in Georgia. The project is valid this year as well. Thus, besides the grand given by the government, a student will get the same amount of grant from the University. For instance, if you get the grand from the government – 2250 GEL, your tuition fee will be 4500-2250-2250=0 i.e. you will study free. The same is in case of other amount of grants.
  • At the end of each semester, students will get scholarship of 50-200 GEL according to the rating.
  • Students, participating in research or other kinds of projects will get scholarship determined by the project.


For the purpose of contributing to students and parents

A student can

  • pay the tuition fee according to the individual schedule made by him/her;
  • use TBC bank student’s loan.


Tuition fee paid by students is used for:

  • providing students with text-books and studying materials in major disciplines;
  • teaching the elected educational programme including foreign languages and IT technologies;
  • teaching a minor educational programme i.e. for a student to master the second speciality;
  • teaching electives;
  • students to pass online courses conducted by foreign educational institutions and get the corresponding certificate;
  • sending students to different foreign educational institutions for one semester;
  • students to get two diplomas and academic degrees within the scope of the international programme;
  • students to pass internship abroad;
  • students to prepare for career – pass professional trainings. 

Every student enrolled in Grigol Robakidze University will be given a laptop as a present what will make a student’s learning process more effective. 


Admission rule for foreign citizens

Students of Grigol Robakidze University have quite many foreign friends. They feel rather comfortable in each other’s presence. In the modern conditions of globalization international friendship is of great importance as the future of the world depends on youth. The greater is the area of international friendship the greater is the chance for the better development of the world.


Applying to Grigol Robakidze University

The first step – as you are reading this page, it seems that you have already got acqauinted with Grigol Robakidze University and are interested in continuing your studies here. Namely this is the first step.

The second step – contact the Students’ Mobility and Registration Centre by internet and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them. When you feel that you have made a right choice, go to the next step.

The third step – get the consent  from the University about your admission and present it to the appropriate department of the Ministry of education and Science of Georgia or open ”online contact”, fill the application form and send it to the Students’ Mobility and Registration Centre. You will be sent the answer within five business days. In case of a positive answer you will receive a PIN.

The fourth step – with the help of of the PIN, bank details for paying 60 USD for application forms will be available to you. After receiving the money the Centre will send you a packet of applicatin foms by post. Study these forms, fill them, write an essay and send the packet to the Students’ Mobility and Registration Centre together with four photos (3X4), the copies of your passport and a document verifying your education certified by apostil by the competend body of your country.

The fifth step – the corresponding commission will consider this packet, among them an essay. In case of the positive decision, the documents will be sent to the appropriate department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

The sixth step – after receiving a letter of inviation, you have to pay the tuition fee until June 1 by credit card or money transfer.

The seventh step – you have to arrive in Tbilisi by the fixed time.

The documents that should be presented:

  • The copy of the document verifying your education certified by apostil
  • CV with your signature
  • 2 photos (3X4) together with CD
  • Health insurance (you can get it in Tbilisi)
  • Passport

The eighth step – an agreement will be signed between you and the University on the basis of what you will be registered. From this moment you become a student.


Important information

Deadline for receiving application forms is May 1.

For more information please visit our web-site, fill out the application form above or directly contact us.