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Free University

Free University is a leader in Education in Georgia, which is focused on innovations and practice.
Tbilisi Free University is non-governmental, non-profit educational institution, which mission on the level of Bachelor, Master and PhD is:
  • To create the best study and research environment in Georgia which will be available for outstanding students;
  • To develop the values based on free thinking which will help students to adapt and navigate in any kind of environment, to make decisions, to meet the challenges creatively which is offered by modern, fast changing World.

Free University, with the help of providing modern study methods, the latest technologies and the best study environment, gives current and future students opportunity to enjoy the whole study process. on this way students will be supported by high qualified professors, which are recognized not only in Georgia but abroad.

Bachelor Programs:

  • Business Administration Bachelor Program
  • International Relations Bachelor Program
  • Computer Scineces and Mathematics Bachelor Program
  • Management and Public Sciences Bachelor Program
  • Law Bachelor Program
  • Physics Bachelor Program
  • Visual Arts and Design Bachelor Program

Master Programs:

  • Master of Business Administration ( MBA )
  • Business Administration Program in Operations Management  (MBA in OM)

Professional certification programs:

  • Certified Public Policy Analyst (CPPA)
  • Certified Print Designer (CPD)
  • Certified Interior Designer (CID)
  • Certified Hotel and Restaurant Business Administrator (CHRBA)
  • Certified Marketing Manager (CMM)
  • Certified Software Engineer (SCE)
  • Certified Public Administrator (CPA)
  • Criminal Attorney Professional (CAP)
  • Certified Business Administrator (CBA)
  • Certified Financial Manager (CFM)
  • Certified Administrative Manager (CAM)
  • Eastern Languages Program
  • Confucius Institute

PhD Programs:

Social and Humanitarian Sciences PhD Program


University infrastructure gives you opportunity to get the best education.

Lectures and seminars takes place in comfortable rooms. Each room is equipped with a projector.

You can use wireless Internet on the whole territory of the University. We have a rich library; conference halls equipped with a modern technologies;  technically supported, one of the best study laboratories in the region, which are equipped by main platform servers;  network and computer equipment; programmed robot Technics. Here the students of Physics and MACS turn their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Also there is a comfortable cafeteria, sport center – basketball, volleyball, wrestling, mini football halls and exercising studio, theater, squares and recreational zones.

For more information please visit our web-site, fill out the application form above or directly contact us.