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College “Barakoni”

College “Barakoni” is authorized public college which provides I, II, III, IV and V  level professional study programs and short-term study programs..

College operates under the constitution of Georgia, according to the law about Professional Studies.

College goals:

To foster professional development of Georgian population and to increase their competitiveness on a labor market.

College tasks:

To create qualified, high standard professional educational and development programs, to provide appropriate study environment, to award professional qualifications and to issue diplomas proving qualifications, also to issue certificates proving to pass development programs.

Public college Barakoni’s admissions are open for the following students:

  • Practice nurse
  • Nurse assistant
  • Massage specialist
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist assistant
  • Accountant
  • Office manager (Secretary)
  • IT Specialist
  • Web specialist
  • Computer graphics specialist

Diploma issued by the college is recognized by the country.

For more information please visit our web-site, fill out the application form above or directly contact us.