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DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service

DAAD is the largest fund in the World which coordinates exchange relations in academic field.

DAAD goal is to:

• To help outstanding students who have the potential to be elite in Science, Culture, Economy and Politics and this way provide the future partners to Germany;
• To support successful German youth, who are the future of Science, Culture, Economy and Politics, on the way to get international experience and to provide opportunities for them in the World competition;
• To foster German Universities internationalization and to make them attractive. To make Germany the place of World’s young scientists;
• To support promotion of German language, Germanic philology and German literature in foreign prestigious Universities in order to strengthen importance of German language as a communication language and to increase interest, knowledge and sympathy toward Germany and its cultural heritage;
• To foster development of Science on one hand in developing and on the other hand in central and eastern Europe developing countries and this way support their economic and democratic reforms process.

DAAD – Tbilisi Information Center is the representation of German Exchange Service in Georgia. It is one out of 48 information centers in the World.
DAAD representation in Georgia:
• Provides information to Georgian students, graduates and scientists about studies, research and finance opportunities in Germany.
• Provides consultations for DAAD and other German funds’ applicants. Applications are applier here as well;
• Helps Georgian and German Universities to develop partnership programs, also provides information about German Universities and research organizations;
• Organizes qualification improvement courses for students and teachers, participates in organization of seminars and conferences organized for the former scholarship winners.
DAAD  finances more than 200 Georgian students, scientists and higher education institutions’ directors every year.

For more information please visit our web-site, fill out the application form above or directly contact us.