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European Law and Governance School

Date: 13.11.2021

Time: 12:00-16:00

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Meeting ID: 817 0961 4215

Passcode: 811271

The ELGS is committed to educating the next generation of Europe and the World’s legal practitioners, public administrators and world leaders by imparting them with the knowledge necessary to effectively work within the fast evolving global institutional structures that transcend national frameworks, and the skills to confront and address the new global opportunities and challenges.

The aim and mission of the School is to offer excellence in tertiary levels of Education in the fields of European Law and Governance. The School aims to shape socially responsible leaders of the future with inquisitive minds. Inspired by the values that lie at the heart of the European Union, the ELGS has identified the need to create a new form of education that is Pan-European in character.

Why Study with Us

  • Study in the cradle of democracy and in a place of rich cultural heritage
  • Part of an International Organization
  • Connect to 30 Universities in across 20 countries
  • Applied learning through interdisciplinary programs and
  • Fresh curricula that address Europe’s needs of tomorrow
  • Close student-professor interaction through small classrooms
  • Conduct research in up to 10 languages
  • Freely select your research topic and publish your work in the EPLO publications

The ELGS provides interdisciplinary undergraduate, postgraduate courses, and Executive Education courses, with fresh material and a unique design.The range of optional modules and opportunities for student mobility and internships supports a high degree of personalization of studies, enabling students to tailor- make their educational experiences. In accordance with recent trends in higher education, special attention is given to the development of transversal skills and research methodology.

ELGS Governance and Faculty

The ELGS is honored to have the support and partnership of the world’s most prestigious universities and to be under the leadership of the leading minds in law and governance scholarship. Honorary President of the Board of Trustees is Professor G. Amato, former Prime Minister of Italy. President of the Faculty Board is Professor Giacinto della Cananea, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy while the Council of Representatives is presided by Professor B. Mathieu, University Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne), France.


LLB in European Law: A 3-year undergraduate program that strives to educate students on the key legal principles underpinning the EU. Students will be able to receive special training on a national law of their choice, as well as on transversal skills development.

BA in European Governance: A flexible 3-year undergraduate program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the world of contemporary governance, with a focus on the European Union, and a cross-disciplinary grasp of its historic, institutional, legal, economic and political dimensions.
The BA in European Law and Governance Studies which is a combination of the above degrees.


LLM in EU Law: This 1-year taught degree covers key topics related to EU law at the postgraduate level, such as the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, and Competition Law. Students will have the unique opportunity to undertake a specialization in EU Monetary and Financial Law.
MA in Governance: A 1-year degree program covering the latest approaches in global and national public policy-making and administration, political economy and global governance and institutions. Students will be able to select from an array of high-level elective modules ranging from professional trainings to specialized topics.


Master of Studies: Designed to maximize students’ ability to personalize their research studies, this 1-year program mobilizes Members of the ELGS International Faculty to motivate students to undertake research on a chosen topic within the greater fields of law and governance and to write their dissertation in up to ten languages.
Master of Philosophy: This 2-year program mobilizes Members of the ELGS International Faculty to enable students to undertake advanced research on a chosen topic within the greater fields of law and governance, and to write their dissertation in up to ten languages.
Doctor of Philosophy: The highest level of research to be conducted at the ELGS. Qualified students can apply for this 3-year research program, that enables them to undertake research on a topic of their choice within the greater fields of law and governance, and to write their dissertation in up to ten languages.