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Kaunas University of Technology



Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania aims to meet the challenges of globalisation while sustaining the traditions and practices gathered since 1922. Through synergy of cutting-edge research, employability oriented and internationalised top quality education, strategic partnerships with Stanford (USA) and Aalto (Finland) universities and within prestigious international associations such as EUA, SEFI and CESAER, KTU generates collective knowledge that opens new opportunities.

KTU offers 16 Bachelor’s, 24 Master’s and 18 PhD programmes in English thus are developed with wide range of partners in industry and business. The graduates of KTU have high employability rates due to the knowledge and skills acquired through interactive learning, case studies analysis, visits to the companies, lectures by visiting professors and experts, interdisciplinary course, international exchange and internship programmes. Advanced students are eligible to receive studies scholarships.

KTU and Kaunas where the university is situated is an international student friendly and offers many cultural, sports, academic and social activities.


16 Bachelor’s, 24 Master’s and 18 Doctoral programme sin English in the fields of Architecture, Business and Public Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Technologies.

Those who do not have sufficient knowledge of English, can join English preparatory course, and those who did not study drawing and composition, can choose Architecture preparatory course to continue studies in Architecture.


Applications are submitted online on and all requested documents must be uploaded onto the electronic application form.

  • Documents of previous education (high school certificate / university’s diploma and its supplement,
  • proficiency in English (IELTS, TOEFL< CEFR, etc.),
  • copy of passport,
  • motivation letter,
  • additional achievements, certificates, portfolio, if any.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee is from 2800 EUR/year for bachelor’s and 3500-400 EUR/year for Master’s programmes.


KTU may award scholarships for applicants with outstanding qualifications and for good academic results throughout studies (for all citizens). KTU also acknowledges possible grants from your home institutions and/or other relevant foundations/organisations.

Georgian citizens may apply  for free of charge studies at Master’s and Doctoral programmes. The Lithuanian scholarship programme covers the tuition fee and grants a monthly scholarship (380 EUR). More information

Living costs

The cost of living depends on individual habits and lifestyle (food, entertainment, travelling, hygiene, services, etc.). Books and other study materials are provided by university. KTU offers accommodation in KTU residencies (monthly rates vary from EUR 50 to 140). Overall estimated cost of living per month is ~EUR 450.

Contact Information

Kaunas University of Technology

Donelaicio St. 73, LT-44249 Kaunas, Lithuania / /

FB: KTU.International.Students

Skype: KTU_admission