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LCC International University

LCC International University was started in 1991 at the fall of the Soviet Union, and is a joint venture between Canada, the US, and Lithuania.  It is an American university providing American-style education, fully accredited, and the language of instruction is English.  Approximately two-thirds of professors come from North America, with about one-third coming from Western Europe or Lithuania. The university has around 550 students in the BA programs, with 40% of them coming from Lithuania, and 60% coming from 30 countries in the region and the world.  In addition to these degree-seeking students, every semester LCC also has around 30 American students from our 30 partner institutions (mostly in the USA) who study with us for a Study Abroad semester each year.  Their credits transfer back to their North American institutions. Every semester the university also hosts Erasmus exchange students as well as sends LCC students for semester abroad experience to universities in Europe, North America and Asia.

LCC offers six Bachelor degree programs:

         International Business Administration,

         English Language and Literature,

         Psychology,

         Theology,

         International Relations and Development

         Contemporary Communication

LCC International University also offers on-line MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and MA in International Management/MBA programs that are directed at working individuals who want to maintain their careers and study at the same time since they only have to come to Lithuania for short sessions twice or once a year. The MBA program provides 2 diplomas: one from Lithuania and MBA degree from a university in the USA.


LCC is the only university in Lithuania and Easter Europe that has a full campus. The university uses a residential model of higher education, with two very modern residence halls on campus.  These halls provide housing for almost 60% of the student body, and therefore allows the university to be intentional about our community building.


LCC International University has 34 students from Georgia studying in Lithuania full time.

LCC also offers an English language summer school. 90 hours of instruction in English, an international experience with participants from 20 different countries and a great summer holidays. Learn more:

If students are interested in a North American-style liberal arts education for much less than a North American price tag, LCC is a great alternative.

You can always find more information about LCC International University at

LCC International University

Kretingos 36, Klaipeda


+370 46 310 460