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Non-governmental organization ” Minerva” offers you a Master program in Tourism Language and Intercultural Communication at Rome State University “Roma Tre”.

From the 2nd course students will have the opportunity to get a Scholarship. During the course there will be organized interesting educational excursions in different cities and museums of Italy. Every student will have a paid internship in leading Italian tourist agencies. After successfully passing the internship students will have employment opportunities as well. During the course beside Italian language you will learn English and in addition one more European language, that will be optional ( German, French, Spanish).

Name of the study program: Tourism Language and Intercultural Communication;

Qualification: Master of Tourism Language and Intercultural Communication;

Program duration: one academic year – 60 credits;

Master program goal: To prepare highly qualified international level experts in all fields of Tourism and Intercultural Communication, that is the basis of successful tourism network and tourism relations development between countries.

Study results and career opportunities: After successful completion of the program you can be employed  in: tour operator companies, Airlines, tourism management organizations, public sector and national tourism organizations, cultural resources and heritage management field, hotels and other tourism companies, also you will be able to start a business in tourism field.

In order to apply to this program you need to know Italian language. For those who does not have proper Italian language level “Minerva” together Rome University offers you pre-master course.

Non-governmental organization “Minerva” and Italian State University ” Roma Tre” gives you a unique chance to become high qualified professional in Tourism and Intercultural communications in such touristic countries as Italy! Don’t  hesitate to become international level specialist in one of the most important, perspective and requested field.

Studies in European Telematic University

If you want to get high quality European education, but you don’t have time to go abroad, the World’s 43 countries consortium – International Telematic University “Uninettuno” with its technological center – “Minerva” offers you, first time in Georgia, Distance Online University. Lectures are conducted by the World’s famous various Universities scientists. Telematic “Uninettuno” diplmas (Bachelor, Master) are recognized in the World.

Get perfect European high education without living home!

Your University in your computer!

International Telematic University “Uninettuno” (UTIU) with its technological center – “Minerva” announces admissions to Bachelor and Master programs, Teaching is conducetd in 6 languages and students can choose desired language ( English, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek and Arabic). Lectures will be conducted by leading European Universities’ professors. Study course and its study materials are provided online. On the electronic study portal is created virtual study environment, students are provided by electronic study materials such as: video lessons, practical excercises, virtual laboratory, video and audio chat modules.

During the study process students will be supported by personal mentors. Exams will be held in “Minerva” technological center and will be monitored by professors who will arrive from Europe. Technological center is equipped by modern information technologies and the latest telecommunication systems: telecommunication, personal TV, multimedia, sattelite channels and computer networks. As a result, “Uninettuno”students can participate in study events with the help of video conference tools.

Admissions are taking place on the following programs:

Bachelor degree courses

Civil and Environmental Engineering;

Management Engineering;

-Economics specialty

– Production specialty

Information and Communication Technologies Engineering

– Computer Engineering specialty

– Information and Communication Technologies Engineering

Master degree courses

– European Law and Politics;

– Euro-Mediterranean Culture and Politics;

– Design Management;

-Fashion Management;

– Micro finance Management;

– Real Estate Finance Management ;

– Project Management;

– Chinese Business Law.

Why should you study at International Telematic University “Uninettuno”?

“UTIU” is created by the World’s 43 leading Universities consortium. This is huge scale, unique University, where lectures are conducted, in many different languages, by the World’s Universities famous scientists. Years ago it was impossible to get education in the World’s famous Universities without leaving your country. The advantage of this method is that the student can get perfect, modern, European education and after the completion of the program get the same kind of Diploma as he/she would get at place

Make your dream come true!

Don’t wait when Europe calls you, discover Europe yourself through your computer!