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Sabancı University is a leading global university with interdisciplinary education that focuses on research and the individual; an environment of free academic choice and performance and a globally-influential faculty. Our University has become an international point of reference with its participation in flagship research projects; with its innovative model of education that gives its student s full freedom in choosing their area of study.

Sabancı University offers 13 undergraduate and 23 master and 12 PhD programs, as well as minor honor degrees and double degrees under the roofs of three faculties:

The Position of Sabancı University in ranking systems is as followings:

  • The most entrepreneurial and innovative university of Turkey in the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index 2016
  • 10th in THE World’s best small universities 2015
  • 52nd in THE 100 under 50 Rankings 2016
  • 14th in the QS Emerging Europe & Central Asia Rankings 2015-2016
  • 22th in THE’s BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings
  • 39th in the THE Asia University Rankings 2015
  • Among top 350-400 universities in THE World University Rankings
  • Among top 450 universities in the QS World Rankings

Highlights about SU:

  • 4000 + students, 7000+ alumni, 700+ international students
  • All programs in English
  • Full or partial scholarships for international students
  • Cooperation with Best Universities in the World.
  • Academic Freedom: Undergraduate students choose their diploma program at the end of the 2nd
  • Innovative Education / Interdisciplinary Programs
  • Undergraduate double majors in 36 different combinations
  • 90% (avg) Post Graduation Employment
  • Study opportunity abroad (Europe, North America or Asia, etc.) with exchange programs
  • Turkey’s most advanced Nanotechnology Research Application Center
  • Social responsibility: Civic Involvement Projects for undergraduate students
  • More than 3000 in total* ≈ 1.5 per faculty member (2014) scientific and technical publications
  • 3 active externally funded research projects ≈ 500 000 ₺ active research funds per faculty member (as of 2015)
  • Composite Technologies Center of Excellence – a unique example of university – industry partnership
  • 104 invention disclosures, 54 patent applications, 19 patents granted (as of 2015)
  • 18 technology companies in the portfolio on Inovent, Turkey’s first technology accelerator

Annual Tuition:

17500 USD

Annual Room and Boarding Fees:

Per person in a 4-person room 2500 USD per year

Per person in a 2-person room 3600 USD per year

Scholarship Opportunities:

Sabancı University offers various scholarships in all levels. For prospective undergraduate students, Scholarships Committee grants scholarships based on student’s academic background, reference letters, exam results, transcripts, interview results and any document showing academic success such as prizes in the competitions, any Olympiad certificates. Once a student is granted a scholarship during the admittance, it goes on for his/her whole education unless he or she fails to meet the criteria of the scholarship. Also students can request scholarships after completing two semesters in Sabancı University with outstanding grades.

100% Tuition 0 USD
75%  Tuition 4375 USD + dorm fee
50%  Tuition 8750 USD + dorm fee
25%  Tuition 13125 USD + dorm fee
Free  Accommodation Only for  (4 person room) 17500 USD

For graduate scholarships, student’s academic background (Previous BA GPA scores, reference letters etc.) and test results (GMAT / GRE Results etc.) are evaluated in accordance with the required criteria during the admittance and if eligible, various types of scholarships are granted with the decision of Sabancı University Scholarship Committee.

Multi-Cultural Environment:

Sabancı University enrolls students from over 70 countries. Many international students have found SU to be the ideal environment for them to study, learn and live. More than 15% of SU students are international students. Currently we have an international student population of over 700 and 151 of these international students are from Pakistan.

Our Alumni:

  • Our graduates can find a job easily in Turkish or global companies within a year after graduation or attend the best graduate schools around the world
  • Some examples of the companies, at which Sabancı Unversity Alumni hold positions:

BP, Bosch, Coca-Cola, Debitte, Gillette, Henkel, HP, L’Oréal, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Philip Morris, P&G, Siemens, Unilever

  • Some of the universities where our alumni attend graduate school are:

Harvard, MIT, London School of Economics, Berkeley, Stanford

Contact Information:
Sabanci University
Orta Mahalle, Tuzla 34956  İstanbul
Tel: 0216 483 90 00