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Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) – Estonia

Established in 1918, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is Estonia´s only technological university and the most innovative higher educational institution. TalTech is known for its innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the fields of digital technologies and engineering. As a public university, TalTech has the mission to promote science, technology and innovation by providing top notch engineering and economic education in Estonia.

Located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, TalTech is the most internationalised university with around 1600 international degree-seeking students from over 90 difference countries, including 100 Georgians. TalTech offers 4 Bachelor´s and 15 Master´s programmes in English and has close academic partnerships with approximately 500 different universities worldwide. The QS World University Ranking® 2019 puts TalTech among the top 3% of all universities in the world.

TalTech´s degrees are international recognised and highly regarded, propelling its graduates into the world renowned institutions, such as Oxford University, the University of London, University of Mannheim, Chalmers University of Technology, etc. With a fast growing alumni network of 70000, TalTech graduates has become the driving force shaping the economic and technological landscape of Estonia and Europe.

The future is in the making at TalTech: Estonia´s first self-driving car, TTÜ100 satellite, TalTechDigital, the first 5G network in Estonia. Many of such projects are initiated and led by TalTech students. TalTech´s innovation and business centre Mektory brings together researchers, students, and entrepreneurs offering young people inspiration, knowledge, and resources to create and develop student start-ups and other innovative business ideas.

TalTech´s neighbour, Tehnopol – the Tallinn Science Park is home to a start-up incubator and over 200 high tech companies, such as Skype, Cybernetica, Starship Technologies, Ektaco, SMIT, etc.

Why Estonia?

  • Full member of the EU, NATO, Schengen Area, Eurozone
  • Safe and affordable European country with Nordic living standards
  • English and other major European languages are widely spoken
  • Estonishing experience of the most advanced digital society in the world: E-residence, internet-Voting, e-Cabinet, ICO, and 99% of the public services available online 24/7
  • One of the hottest start-up hubs in Europe with highest start-ups per capital
  • A clean and green living environment, ranked the best air quality worldwide by WHO

Why TalTech?

  • Most innovative university with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Biggest university in the capital with nearly 11000 students of over 90 different nationalities
  • Unique and internationally recognised programmes
  • Picturesque urban campus fitted with modern facilities
  • Dynamic university-industry cooperation, with strong emphasis on entrepreneurship
  • The Innovation and Business Centre Mektory
  • Top 3% by the QS World University Rankings® 2019

Please check TalTech video HERE

What would you like to study?

Tallinn University of Technology offers 4 Bachelor’s and 15 Master’s programmes fully taught in English. The choice is yours!

School of Information Technologies

Bachelor’s programmes:

Master’s programmes:

School of Business and Governance

Bachelor’s programmes:

Master’s programmes:

School of Engineering

Bachelor’s programmes:

Master’s programmes:

School of Science

Master’s programmes:

How to apply?

Before you submit your application online, make sure you have read the following terms and conditions at TalTech homepage:

 Step 1 – Online application

 Step 2 – Application fee

 Step 3 – Evaluation and results

 Step 4 – Final acceptance letter

The application deadline for Georgian applicants is 1 May 2019.

If you are looking to finance your study at TalTech, why not try our scholarship options: full tuition fee waiver*, performance scholarship, scholarships by the TalTech Development Fund, specialty scholarship, scholarships of Estonian Government, and DoRa scholarships.

*Full tuition fee waiver – limited scholarship available for the best candidates based on their DreamApply applications, and valid for entire nominal study period.


Got questions? TalTech have ready answers! Check our FAQ page for questions that have been asked by other applicants over the past years. What´s more, we have a comprehensive „Practical Info“ dedicated to everything from accommodation to visa!

We understand you are facing a unique challenge on where to spend the next few years to pursuit your academic goals, and it is OK to have many questions and doubts. We encourage you to visit TalTech web site, chat with our student ambassadors, and follow us on social media. Remember, we are here to demystify the seemly daunting admission process. See you soon at TalTech!

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