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Edu-Guide Ltd is an educational promotion and consulting organization founded in 2007 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Its primary website, Edu-Guide.ge, was launched in October 2008, mainly focusing on publishing information about study opportunities in Georgia and abroad. It was the first educational portal in Georgia, and is recognized as the best and the biggest educational portal in the country.

Edu-Guide.ge is an online catalog that provides information about educational opportunities in Georgia and abroad for citizens of Georgia, helping them to find as much professional growth and development opportunities as possible.Edu Guide operates successfully by arranging many interesting projects in the field of education including International Education Fairs.

Our International Education Fairs are highly successful projects developed and produced by the Edu-Guide team. Drawing upon years of experience, Edu-Guide continues to organize the most successful international student recruitment fairs in Georgia. Acclaimed as the leading event, we provide a platform that links educational institutions to potential students from a wide range of disciplines and ages interested in educational programs.

Edu-Guide.ge is one of the most comprehensive educational portals in Georgia providing key information about universities, institutes, colleges, schools, private schools, funds and other educational centers in Georgia and in various countries.

Our website is targeted to those who are constantly seeking to improve their knowledge and develop their professional skills. There are a multitude of educational choices on our website. You can find information about scholarships, fellowships, professional studies, academic programs (Bachelor, M.A., M.B.A, Ph.D., etc.), individual courses, conferences, training, preparation courses and contests.

The content of this website is constantly updated in order to give students the latest and most accurate information. Countless students take advantage of Edu-Guide.ge to gather necessary information about educational opportunities in Georgia and in foreign countries.

Our mission

Our mission is to guide students in their study process. We want to help them make correct decisions and choose the right university, college, or educational center for furthering their studies and their professional development and make their study dreams come true.

For detailed information about our organization, services and rates please use below indicated e-mails or use our Form of Request on the following link contact us.