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Tallinn University

General description of the university’s current views and activities:

Tallinn University is a modern and dynamic research university in Estonia with a leading role in promoting an intelligent lifestyle through education, research, and a unique collaboration across disciplines. We view an intelligent lifestyle as making research-based decisions to improve society in general and the well-being of its citizens.

Tallinn University is a partner in 14 European Union regional programme projects and coordinates one of them, titled Learning Layers. We also participate in the EU Horizon 2020 framework programme both as a partner and as a coordinator. The university has agreements with 43 partner universities in 21 countries and more than 490 Erasmus+ partnership agreements; we are a member of four international networks of higher education institutions, and our researchers and lecturers actively contribute to the activities of their professional networks.

As a promoter of intelligent lifestyle, Tallinn University values the free time of its members: the university has a literary award for its employees, lecturers and alumni, its symphony orchestra has been chosen as the Estonian Orchestra of the Year, and we have multiple internationally recognised choirs and art groups and several Estonian championship level sports teams.

Bachelor programs:

Master’s programs:

Fully funded scholarships for the applicants applying for the selected Master’s programmes. The scholarship covers the tuition fee and a monthly allowence is granted –

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarships 2023

The scholarships are 1) for undergraduate studies in the fields related to Estonian language and culture; 2) for MA and PhD studies; 3) for participation in summer and winter schools; 4) mobility grants for researchers and academic staff –

Estonian Governmental Scholarships for international students

Tallinn University School of Educational Sciences’ project “Scholarship to create study opportunities at Tallinn University Educational Innovation and Leadership study programme” enables third-country educational specialists (from selected destination countries) to obtain a Master’s degree in Educational Innovation and Leadership study programme at Tallinn University –

EDIUNNO Scholarship

Scholarships available for nationals of Lebanon, The Gambia, Libya, Palestine and Guyana up to 9.000 euros –

For more info contact –