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George Mtatsmindeli Church Singing Higher Education Institution

George Mtatsmindeli Church Singing Higher Education Institution mission is to play leading role in the development and establishment of the Georgian traditional church singing in Georgian churches.


George Mtatsmindeli Church Singing Higher Education Institution was founded in 2006 by Patriarch of Georgia, Mtskheta-Tbilisi archbishop, Bichvinta and Tskhum-Abkhazia metropolitan Ilia II. Among the founders of the institution were archimandrite Ioane (Kikvadze) and the great supporter of Georgian folk music-church singing Anzor Erqomaishvili. This initiative was supported by the fond of Georgian traditional music businessman Ivane Chkhartishvili, whose financial help made it possible to found the institution.

On the 19th of September 2006, during sanctifying of the building, the Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II announced:” We begin a great thing. I am sure that those conductors who will study here will create teams and with them whole Georgia will glorify God”.



 Higher education institution is conducting Church Music and Church Music studies educational programs on 2 levels ( Church Music Bachelor and Church Music Studies Master Programs); The institution has pre-admission department, where university entrants can prepare as for the national exams as well as for internal admission exams.

The institution is equipped with modern technical, informational and communication tools and it has everything to teach to church regent teams, singers and researchers Church Music and Georgian Folk Singing, liturgy and theoretical knowledge and performing-practical skills in the sphere of dogmatism.

There are scholarships for outstanding students as from the institution administration as well as from charity fund “Qartuli Galoba” (Supervisor Nana Gotua).



Admissions to the Church Music Bachelor program is possible through national exams if a student will get the minimum acceptable score in Georgian Language and Literature and also through internal exams. Internal exams are passed in the following subjects:

  • Church Singing and Folk Music (verbal);
  • Music Theory (writing-verbal);
  • History of Georgia (verbal);
  • Christianity Fundamentals (interview);
  • English Language (interview).

Admissions to Music Studies Master Program is possible through internal exams without national master exams. Internal exams are passed in t he following subjects:

  • Music History and Theory (verbal);
  • Christianity Fundamentals (interview);
  • English Language (interview).

Since 2015-2016 on the bachelor programs are admitted as boys as well as girls.

The institution also has certification programs:

● Georgian Folk Music;

● Georgian Church Singing;

● Musical Alphabet;

● Georgian Folk Musical Instruments.



In the institution functions department of Church Music and Georgian Folk Singing and 2 workshops of Anzor Erqomaishvili and Malkhaz Erqvanidze. Qualified tutors teach students traditional Georgians church songs, music theory, Georgian church music history and theory, Georgian folk musical instruments, New and Old Testament, dogmatism,  liturgy, liturgy reading, musical informatics, History of Georgia and Georgian Church and etc,.


Student Life

The institution students participate in different events and concerts, student days. There is also held public lectures, scientific conferences, concerts, famous singers and tutors evenings.

The institution has Georgian Music and Church Singing team which is supervised by Giorgi Donadze, director of Folk-lore State Center.

Majority of students sing in various churches of Tbilisi and majority of alumni work with their profession – Georgian church singing regent-conductors as in Tbilisi as well as in regions. In this regard fund ” Qartuli Galoba” is arranging employment of outstanding students in regions.


For more information please visit our web-site, fill out the application form above or directly contact us.