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Tbilisi Seminary and Academy

Religious education in Georgia starts from  IV century. Churches and monasteries were education centers. In middle ages Tao-Klarjeti, Gelati, Ikalto, Gremi and Shiomgvime were especially famous centers of religious education. Nevertheless difficult times and economical crisis Tbilisi and Telavi Seminary existed till the beginning of XIX century.

In 1817 in Tbilisi was opened Russian Seminary, which existed till 1917 year.

After regaining freedom of Georgian Orthodox church Patriarch Kirion the Second and Leonide were working seriously to found Seminary, but in February of 1921 ,when Soviet Russia renewed aggression and occupation toward Georgia, when Georgian Orthodox Church was named as illegal organization it was almost impossible to think about the opening of the seminary.

Only on the 14th of October 1963, with the support of Patriarch Eprem the II, in Mtskheta was opened religion courses and in 1965 this place turned into seminary. Its rector till 1972 was was bishop and later Tskhum-Abkhazia metropolitan Ilia Shiolashvili. In the first year there were 4 students, later students’ quantity per course was 10. Overall there were 3 courses.

In 1988 with the effort of Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II was founded Tbilisi Seminary and Academy. In the academy was admitted 14 students. From Mtskheta Seminary joined with 30 more students. Seminary and Academy first rector was Tsilkani bishop, for this moment metropolitan Zosime ( Shioshvili). In 2005-2009 rector was Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II.

In 1993 was opened institute with Anthropology and Christian Art faculties.

In 2005 was opened Icon Painting, Restorations and Applied Arts faculty, in 2006- Decorative Gardening and Ecology Institute and Church Singing higher education institution.

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