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How to Prepare for the Verbal Part of the GMAT


How to Prepare for the Verbal Part of the GMAT

At present, a lot of managers’ dream or desire is to get Western education, namely, to get MBA at one of the top business schools. One of the main criteria is to provide required GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) test results.

There are many ways of preparing for this test: training centers, private teachers and online courses on the Internet. However, according to GMAT-‘s experts, fee-free trainings is quite possible, if this is done independently, but in an organized way.

Below are a variety of expert advice – a specific reference on, how you can prepare yourself for GMAT-‘s verbal part.

It is well known, that it is especially difficult to pass GMAT’ verbal part exams for not-English speaking people. However, it is not easy for those, who grew up in English-speaking families. Experts say that despite the hard work during the test preparation, a lot of people make a number of mistakes while passing exam, due to the fact, that they do not deeply realize the main idea and give only intuition based answers.

There are a variety of easy-learning techniques, which should be used in the preparatory period, to the contrast of the arithmetic, which has several answers to choose, daily grind of learning of the verbal part is quite useless. “It is very difficult to improve your reading skills at this age,” – said McGowan Wendy Weiss the deputy director of the MBA business school at Georgetown, who himself passed this test a few years ago. Material are numerous. Nevertheless topics are not changed frequently verbal part still needs more time, than all the mathematical part” – says Weiss.

The majority of the students use the following approach: Opening the Preliminary test books or joining preparatory courses. Materials are quite numerous, although, the topics are very seldom and only slightly changed, they still do not make easy the verbal part.

There are still a few ways to prepare for this part in addition to books and training courses.

Train in reading from the Internet: any exercise book recommend, that you’d better practice on  Internet exercise tests, but Kaplan test preparation company’s GMAT program manager Jennifer Kedrovski recommends, that you should read anything, but on the Internet. “Reading from a computer screen is quite different from reading newspapers, magazines and books. It has its own specificity.” Kedrovski advises to make a daily habit the reading from a computer, for those, who are preparing for the test.

Download Exercise Test: If you start the test preparation with full test passing, you will know, where most of the need to practice at is and you will be able to schedule customized training program for you. However, it is not necessary to buy a book or join training courses. You can easily download a free practice test, for example from  – and then pass the test and pay special attention to the verbal part of the evaluation.

Pay attention to the specific nuances: while, you are supported by the traditional training courses, you are also able to find the extra courses in addition, which are highlighted on focusing on one specific, narrow area, such as, for example, adjectives or verbs, subjects’ compatibility. When you are already informed of the diagnostic test results, which issues, you need to pay particular attention to, then you can find numerous short exercises in the Internet.

Analyze Innovations: Due to the fact that one-third part of the whole GMAT-occupies the questions of reading part, it is very important work on text analysis skills. Any article you read, look critically and treat as perspective GMAT- text. Analyze and try to highlight the main issues and the views of the author, then make assessment and proper conclusion.

Pay attention to grammar: GMAT- verbal sections include basic issues, such as, the sentence correction and you will need to review the grammar basic rules. For further assistance GMAT- Experts recommend, that you should look through beyond the traditional prep materials. Don’t pay attention to all the information you find is not relevant to GMAT test. Do not focus on the details, which are not used in GMAT. Have focus on the most frequently used grammatical issues such as: verbs, adjectives and modifiers.

Learn the language: Unlike SAT- and LSAT- courses, GMAT-course does not focus on knowledge of the exact definition of the words, but it will be good, if you learn specific GMAT- test words, which will allow you to reduce reading time during the test passing and save it for questions answering.

Join online groups: Besides taking part in traditional forums, in addition, it would be good, if you use your Google and Yahoo-‘s group services, it’s a very good way for the assembly of those people, who are unable to meet face to face. You can organize discussions on the Internet and analyze issues of interest to you.

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