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Luiss University

Date: 13.11.2021

Time: 12:00-16:00

In order to meet University representative use the link below:

Meeting ID: 892 6075 2096

Passcode: 089024


Located in the global capital city of Rome. Since its founding, Luiss has developd priviledged relationships with the business community, thanks to its affilitaatin with Confindustria, the Italian confederation of industries, as well a with the legal practice, government institutions and civil society. Luiss has also soecial relationships with Italian and European institutions, as a number of faculty memebers have served within them.

Luiss is a top private university wiith an educational model that combines academic rigor with practical relevance.

The Luiss model is strengthened by a lifelarge approach which challenges students’ intellectual curiosity, inspires individual effort and self-discovery while encouraging independent and critical thinking.

Luiss University offers a limited number of scholarships for international students, assigned exclusively by merit. When a student applies for Luiss, s/he is automatically evaluated also for the scholarship. There are different types of scholarships, which include full and partial scholarships.

Thanks to an agreement between Luiss University and the IEC- International Education Center, 2 full scholarships are available for Georgian students.

Bachelor’s degree programs:

Master’s degree programs: