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Prague School of Creative Communication

Date: 22.04.2023

Time: 12:00-16:00

In order to meet University representative use the link below:

Meeting ID: 843 3041 6122

Passcode: 677605



The University of Creative Communication was founded 10 years ago. Very soon it became a leading institution in Prague and also in Central Europe, instructing outstanding students in the field of advertising, visual arts, and creative writing. Today the university has more than 600 hundred students from all over the world. While situated in the heart of Prague, we speak your language – for those who do not speak Czech, we’re very pleased to open up our BA programmes entirely in English.

The Prague School of Creative Communication is a university where every course is taught in English. You’ll benefit from our longstanding experience in educating talented people in the creative industries. At the Prague School of Creative Communication, you’ll not only study history and theory but also work with real contracts in international agencies. Our teachers have a wide range of experience, either in the academic world (e.g., Oxford University, Columbia University) or as marketers, designers, and writers. You’ll enjoy the same academic standard you’d find at prestigious universities abroad but our tuition fees are much lower.

The Prague School of Creative Communication is a centre of creative industry in Prague. We’ll help you to build a strong portfolio and secure important contacts for your future career. Our alumni often join international agencies. More than 80% of our students are employed within 6 months of completing their studies. Choose either Marketing and Communication; Visuals Arts or Creative Writing, and we’ll prepare you perfectly for a career in the creative industries. Come study in Prague, a city with everything you need. We’re ready to prepare you for your future success!

List of programmes:

Creative Marketing

  • Creative Marketing and Communication
  • Digital Marketing and Communication

Visual Art

  • Photography and Audiovisual Art
  • Animation and Visual Effects
  • Graphic and Media Design

Creative Writing

Scholarships/Exchange programmes:

Scholarships are obtainable from your second year of studies after completing your end of Spring semester exams! In order to apply for a scholarship, all you have to do is submit your exam results to our Study Department and we are able to award a refund of a percentage of your tuition!

Additionally, from your second year of studies, you will have the opportunity to exchange to a university abroad for up to one whole semester as part of the Erasmus + programme! We have partnered with various universities abroad, including Breda University in the Netherlands and Mannheim University in Germany. To view our growing list of Erasmus partnerships, please visit:

Application information for exchange students can be viewed in our attached Erasmus Factsheet.

Application process:

In order to apply to study one of our Bachelor programmes, you must first complete the online application form here: and pay the application fee of 75 Euros. Then, you must send us your letter of motivation (1 page in English) and your portfolio/creative writing text to our email: Once we have received these documents, we will invite you for an online interview!

Our upcoming scheduled interview dates:

  1. 05. 2023
  2. 06. 2023
  3. 07. 2023
  4. 08. 2023
  5. 09. 2023
  6. 09. 2023

Results from the interview committee will be communicated via email 3 days after the interview. Upon positive admission into our university, our team is able to send you all required original study confirmation documents for a successful visa application. We are also able to personally assist you with the nostrification process and begin your transition to moving to Prague!