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College of the Canyons (COC)

College of the Canyons is a public community college located in Santa Clarita, a city in southern California. Found in 1969, COC compromises the Santa Clarita Community College District and includes three campuses: Valencia Campus, Canyon Country Campus, and online.

Academic Environment: College of the Canyons offers a unique academic environment by hosting domestic and international students for their first two years of study towards completion of four-year bachelor’s degree. Upon graduation, students may transfer to a private or public university of their choice to earn their bachelor diploma or may take advantage of the 2 + 2 transfer guarantee are guaranteed admission to a California State University or University of California campus. Our courses are taught in the American teaching style (mandatory attendance, graded class participation, continual assessment) and our faculty utilize small class sizes to optimize student success. Our average class size is 20 students.

Degree Programs: At College of the Canyons, students can study in preparation for any subject. This is in preparation for the majors offered by the UC and CSU systems, to which students are able to transfer with guaranteed credit transfer agreements upon completion of their education at COC.

Faculty: Just as COC students come from all over the world, our faculty members bring a diversity of backgrounds and experiences into the classroom with them. In addition, many of our faculty are practitioners, current or former, in the fields of instruction in which they teach.

Partner Institutions: As an internationally-focused institution, College of the Canyons is committed to forming strong and strategic partnerships with well-regarded institutions worldwide. We are currently partnered through direct agreements with more than 30 institutions from around the world. In addition, we offer COC students opportunities to study abroad through our ongoing relationships with schools from abroad. Our partnerships vary in nature, and include initiatives such as semester-abroad experiences, faculty-led trips, academic exchanges, and more.

Student Experience: As a student-centered institution, College of the Canyons provides many services and opportunities to enrich the student experience. Here is a short video which gives a good insight into life at COC, and the Los Angeles area.

For more information: Please visit our website or contact us via email: or phone/ WhatsApp: +1 (661) 212-7400