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Star Academy

Star Academy is the only organisation in Georgia that collaborates with Council on International Educational Exchange – CIEE and with Global TESOL College Canada.

Our aim is to create cultural exchange programs with different countries. We help young people to get English certificate, find high paying jobs and get valuable career experience abroad.

Star Academy offers two programs:
1. Work and Travel – is a four-month program in US. It is a well established practice all 0around the world and very popular among young people. Undergraduate students have opportunity to work in US for three months and travel around the states for a month.

Program offers diverse jobs at hotels, restaurants, sales, amusement and aqua parks; Salaries consist of 1500-5000$. For those who seek professional development,  want to gain new skills and experience American culture, Work and Travel is the perfect opportunity to fulfill their ‘American dream.’

2. TESOL – is a professional program for those who know English at upper-intermediate level. It is a two-phase program. On the first level participants take remote English course, where they learn new English teaching techniques and get Tesol (Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. Tesol certificate is accredited by the largest English-speaking platform – Global Tesol College and enables owners to work as an English language specialist in any country.

On the second level Star Academy will provide assistance through the  job searching process. We will provide vacancies in China and Thailand and help participants to contact with employers. Salaries in these countries start from 1500$ and go up to 5000$.