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Turiba University is One of the leading Business and Tourism education institutions in Scandinavia and in the Baltics

TURIBA UNIVERSITY  has the best Bachelor, Master and PhD  programs in LATVIA , they also have University, Erasmus and Latvian Government scholarships for  international students and many more.

Turiba has become the first higher education institution in the Baltic region and Scandinavian countries, which has received the accreditation by the World Tourism Organisation and in general the high evaluation by internationally recognized experts.


  • Turiba is practically the best university in Latvia because 60% of your study time consist of practical studies and 40% – of theoretical.
  • 4 faculties only but strongly specialized on high quality studies
  • All study levels: Bachelor, Master and PhD degree programs
  • One of the best business literature libraries in Latvia
  • The cheapest dormitories in whole Baltic Region (only for 49 Euro per month)
  • One of the most active student life in Latvia – Events are especially organized by Students Council for foreign students (Welcome party, excursions, thematic parties a.o.)

The University has four major faculties and the following specialities:

  • Faculty of Communication
    – Own TV Studio
    – Public Relations (BA and MA), Journalism and Media (BA), International Communication Management (BA), Communication Management (PhD).
  • Faculty of Law
    – Law Science MA and PhD.
  • Faculty of International Tourism
    – Own StartUp hotel
    – Tourism and Hospitality Management (BA), Events and Leisure Management (BA), Tourism Strategic Management, MBA .

Turiba University offers its students an opportunity to start a business while studying! The University runs Business Co-working Space where the students not only may register the official address of their businesses, carry out their activities there, arrange for meetings and keep their documents.

Why Latvia?

  • Internationally recognized diplomas
  • Scholarships for international students
  • One of the cheapest dormitories in whole Baltics
  • English language widely spoken
  • Active student life

 You can check a very interesting video about Latvia Here:


  • ERASMUS+ network (cooperation with more than 60 partner institutions across Europe)
  • Double degree (for bachelor’s and master’s studies in France, Great Britain, Turkey, Spain, Finland, Switzerland and Taiwan)
  • Bilateral exchange (for 2nd and 3rd year students, studies in South Korea, Netherlands, Russia, Ireland, Mexico, USA, Georgia, Kazakhstan, India, China a.o.)
  • Internships from 3 to 12months in Latvia and abroad (Practical training every sudy year).

For more information please visit our web-site, fill out the application form above or directly contact us.