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University of Ostrava

Date: 13.11.2021

Time: 12:00-16:00

In order to meet University representative use the link below:

Meeting ID: 872 8706 0393

Passcode: 226423


The University of Ostrava is a dynamic research institution which offers a high quality level of education and research in the humanities, social and natural sciences, health studies, medicine and fine arts. About 8000 students can study in 6 faculties:

▪ Faculty of Social Studies ▪ Faculty of Education ▪ Faculty of Fine Arts and Music ▪ Faculty of Arts ▪ Faculty of Medicine ▪ Faculty of Science.

The small size of the university and its relative youth allows for a strongly individual approach to our students and flexible reactions to the needs of an up-to-date society and labour market. The university offers not only top-quality education but also many other possibilities for those who wish to fulfil their visions, whether it is the possibility to study other languages, found a student organization, or gain other practical experience. The university actively searches for opportunities for their students to raise their qualifications and help them kick off their careers. The university is simply an essential part of the city and its social life. We like to say that the whole city is our campus.